PG 2016,   1 Season

Hosted by Simon Christie 4WD TV is an award winning weekly program covering all aspects of the outdoor and 4WD lifestyle across Australasia. Whether it’s a family tour of the outback testing the latest 4×4 products or highlights of the best 4WD motorsport, you will see it all on 4WD TV.

Join four mates in their off-road adventures across Australia, as they discover the land and its people, while tackling some of the country's most challenging terrains. Be inspired to explore more of Australia, and experience camping outdoors with great food, fantastic scenery and thrilling activities.

Anthology of Interest showcases the work of new and undiscovered filmmakers, actors and producers from around Australia and the world.

Bec Mac Show

  MA15+ 2016,   2 Seasons

Bec Mac is a truly remarkable host and interviewer having repeatedly awed audiences with her ability to open her guests up to reveal their most private feelings and stories. Having honed her skill for ten years on the wild unforgiving streets in her live public show LOVE TV this enigmatic, fast thinking, dynamic host never fails to get her story. Through her use of comedy, brutal honesty and irreverence Bec approaches the hot topics head on through humour (not confrontation), engaging viewers with unbiased insights from discussions. She has an enthusiasm for powerful story telling that reveals the guts of life challenging the viewer to question their perspectives. The 6 part series of The Bec Mac Show was nominated for an Antenna Award (community television award) for best art show in 2014.

Bent TV

  MA15+ 2016,   2 Seasons

The face of Melbourne’s diverse rainbow community and culture, Bent TV is a studio based production that includes interviews with key community figures, performers, artists and festivals, as well as discussions of key issues concerning the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (GLBTIQ) community. Part panel discussion, part variety show, this entertaining multi-media half hour show also features externally filmed segments, footage and films from community events, special celebrity interviews, and community reports.

Blend Line TV

  G 2016,   1 Season

Blend Line TV brings you all the action from the sphere of grass roots, state level motorsport. From Production Cars, to HQ Holdens, to Sports Sedans and everything in between we bring it all to you. If you enjoy fantastic racing, with intense battles and drivers which actually have some character, this show brings all it to you. No holds barred, no frills, down to earth motorsport.

Bonza's Playtime

  MA15+ 2017,   1 Season

Bonza's Playtime is the unsavoury children’s show for adults, created by Lindi Jane and includes a cast of Australian’s finest and funniest character comedians. Meet Eljay and Bonza, the hosts of this unsavoury children TV show as they introduce inappropriate segments and some random segments in the wrong time slot for a children’s show.

Bumper 2 Bumper is a grass roots classic car TV show which engages with car enthusiasts from all works of life. The Host, Rusty connects with likeminded fanatics, who share a common passion for classic, hot rod, and custom cars of yesteryear by way of a variety of colourful segments on Bumper 2 Bumper. Segments include "Cartel", whereby Rusty inspires people to Tel him about their beloved Car and what it means to them. The outcome is a real genuine account of their appetite and affection of classic cars. "Tech Torque" allows those in the automotive industry a platform to provide a close, personal and somewhat raw account of educating the viewers on their products and services. "Rusty Rhymes" This segment really embraces the family aspect of the whole car culture, as Rusty and his daughter Ms Ella, sign off the show with a bedtime Car Nursery Rhyme. A fitting touch to end, each episode. Bumper 2 Bumper is always keen to interview people who are passionate about their cruisers. Give Rusty a call on 0419 502 332. Remember, classic cars are like fashion, it all about people; power; passion.

Buster and Jack Series is a beautifully animated children’s series about a little wooden boat and his seagull friend. Together they take on any problem life throws at them, as two heads are always better than one. The story set in the safe, sheltered neighbourhood of the harbour where Buster and Jack live with all their friends. The Harbour Master’s words are reassuring and fatherly as he keeps an eye on all under his care. The Mother Whale is the mother figure, in which her world is the great big ocean outside the gateway of the two beacons.

Cabaret Cab

  M 2016,   1 Season

Join The Advertiser's Matt Gilbertson as he cruises along the Adelaide streets with some of the finest and impressive cabaret performers from the 2016 Adelaide Cabaret Festival.


Since 2004 Channel 44 has been beaming into households across Adelaide. C44 is Adelaide's own community, free-to air television station providing local and national content. C44 is all about our community, with real programs made by real people. At C44 we pride ourselves on encouraging local talent, and producing and airing a growing catalogue of locally produced programming.

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